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Member Spotlight: Gamma Location Intelligence

22 Feb 2021

Gamma Location Intelligence harnesses AI, data science and spatial analytics to produce solutions to geographical questions. Chief Commercial Officer Richard Garry talks to Simon about location... read more

Member Spotlight: Riskbook becomes Supercede

10 Feb 2021

Supercede, formally known as Riskbook, is an all-in-one reinsurance collaboration platform, designed to improve the placement experience for cedents, brokers and underwriters. Co-founders Jerad Leigh... read more

E-Trading Platforms: Challenges, Opportunities and Imperative

02 Feb 2021

Nearly 20 years after early e-trading initiatives proved to be a false dawn for insurance, interest in the platforms space has been firmly reignited. 
Covid-19’s dramatic effect on working patterns... read more

Member Spotlight: Avantia Group

02 Feb 2021

Avantia provides non-standard home insurance through its HomeProtect brand using streaming technology for faster risk and pricing decisions. CEO Mark Eastham joined Matthew on Podcast 121 to give an... read more

Your top 15 podcast guests - Jan 2021

22 Jan 2021

Wondering what's happening at leading insurers, challenger brokers, new & established technology companies, and investors?  
Released every Sunday, Matthew Grant talks to those driving innovation... read more

Member Spotlight: BuildingFootprintUSA

21 Jan 2021

BuildingFootprintUSA delivers high-quality location data to help insurance companies make accurate risk assessments and pricing decisions. VP of Strategy Scott Robinson explains how they are creating... read more

The Friends’ Forecast 2021 – Five more themes, 20 people, Part Two

06 Jan 2021

We had so many great predictions for 2021 when we crowdsourced 20 InsTech London friends for their opinion, I've published it in two parts. Part One - the first six predictions - is here. And the... read more

The Friends’ Forecast 2021 – Six themes, 20 people, Part One

04 Jan 2021

After the rollercoaster of 2020 it’s a brave soul that’s willing to commit to what 2021 will look like. But running a global network of talented and successful people means that Robin Merttens and I... read more

Aiming to be something different: Convex

15 Dec 2020

Specialty insurer and reinsurer Convex was founded in 2019 with a focus on complex risks, claims and underwriting. The company has raised $2.7bn in committed capital in just over 18 months. Robin... read more

50 free insurance data sets you'll need

10 Dec 2020

The world is awash with data, but it's still surprisingly hard to find reliable statistics on what is happening in and around insurance. If you’re creating a business plan, sizing up a market... read more

InsTech London 2021 live events

10 Nov 2020

We are now hosting Live Talk video events (like webinars but more engaging), mostly through our BrightTALK channel.
Future events and past recordings below. 
If you’re interested in sponsoring an... read more

Insurer as a digital partner: Serge Corel, Wakam

10 Nov 2020

Formerly known as La Parisienne Assurances, 2020 has been a big year of change and innovation for Wakam. Serge Corel, Country Manager for the UK and Ireland, talks to Robin about topics including... read more

Managing compliance and regulations: Charles Taylor InsureTech

20 Oct 2020

How do insurers stay on top of a changing landscape of compliance and regulations? Tom Maleczek, Client Solutions Director at Charles Taylor InsureTech, examines the challenges facing the industry... read more

Parametric Insurance - 2021 outlook and the companies to watch

07 Oct 2020

Once considered as niche, parametric insurance now offers the potential to deliver solutions where conventional insurance has failed. 
The technology exists to define and deliver financial protection... read more

This is the next stage, not the end, of the insurtech promise

23 Sep 2020

There remain huge opportunities for technology-based companies across the insurance ecosystem, but few are able or willing to pursue them in the present environment. Read Robin Merttens’ latest... read more

Insights into innovation at Swiss Re

22 Sep 2020

What are the key strategic innovation themes at Swiss Re? Robin Merttens talks to Ruta Mikiskaite, Head of Client Solutions, P&C UKI, about the company's key areas of focus, why it has joined ... read more

No Code insurance platforms - Your questions answered

17 Sep 2020

Are No Code insurance platforms hype or game-changing? That was the subject of our Live Chat with Unqork, 360Globalnet and Oliver Wyman, which you can watch again in our Events section. 
The... read more

The future of insurtech is about more than just technology

18 Aug 2020

Covid-19 fast-tracked the shift towards digital ways of working, but the biggest change for insurance after the pandemic could be cultural. Read Matthew Grant’s latest article for Insurance Day below... read more

InsTech London to host UK leg of ITC + DIA World Tour

28 Jul 2020

Join InsTech London on Thursday 3 September as we host the UK leg of the ITC + DIA World Tour and celebrate the best of UK insurtech innovation.
Matthew Grant will discuss the current trends from... read more

The real movers, shakers and makers: Our quarterly podcast leaderboard

07 Jul 2020

It's back! The quarterly InsTech London podcast leaderboard and your top 40 most popular guests with two new names right to the top.
Congratulations Mark Allan and James Birch at Brit Insurance at... read more


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